Life's Ups and Downs

Friday, September 05, 2008

Another Opening! Another Show!

Finally! Opening night is here!! This has actually been a really short rehearsal period but when you are covered in fur and rehearsing in 90 something degree Texas heat every night ... well, it gets a bit uncomfortable at times.
Last night the Ft. Worth Star Telegram came out to take pictures and tonight a reviewer from the paper is coming to see the show. Keep your fingers crossed that he likes us!

I should have some pictures to post of the costumes soon. The one above is from last week before the costumes were completely done. This is about 1/2 way there. The costumes are AMAZING! Basil Twist designed them.
Basil is a genius and so wonderful to work with. It would be very easy for him to be a complete jerk because of how well known and successful he is but the opposite is true. (I know most of you have probably never heard of him but in the puppetry world, this guy is HUGE! Check out his web-site. You'll see what I mean.)

I hope you are all doing well. I will post again with pictures soon.

Happy Friday!