Life's Ups and Downs

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dust in the Wind

OMG! We have 40 mph winds rushing over the state of Texas right now. It's crazy! I had the front and back door and all the windows open in the house, enjoying the nice warm temperature and was cleaning like crazy. I couldn't figure out why my floors were still dirty and streaked. Well, duh, it's the West Texas red dust being blown in. I'm an idiot! Now, after 7 passes over the floor, it almost looks clean ... ALMOST!

I'm skipping cardio today because all my cleaning has surely burned 1,000 caloriers, right?

Happy weekend!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I Would Rather

I am starting my 6th week of the healthier me and I have to say that I would rather poke out my eyes with a spork than get off the couch right now and exercise! I don't know why. It only take 45 minutes and I can sit back down but ergh ....

K ... taking a deep breath ... signing off now.

Happy weekend!