Life's Ups and Downs

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Changing My Name

I am the queen of paranoia and it's been bothering me that I had my name listed on my blog so I've changed my signature to Crazy Me. This will show up on your comments now so don't think I abandoned reading and posting to my favorites. I'm still spouting off on your blogs as well as my own! I'm just trying to be a bit more discreet. I have nightmares of someone I know reading this and figuring out that it's me.

Tomorrow I am off for my Ultimate Swedish Massage, one of the fabulous Christmas gifts from my boy. I'm hoping that it will be an hour and a half of bliss. Following that, I am getting my hair cut. I'm toying with the idea of chopping it all off but I doubt I'll go through with it. Any time that I've tried shorter hair, I look like a cross between Ronald McDonald and Richard Simmons on crack! I'll probably just get a trim and be done with it.

Anyway, I doubt I'll post tomorrow so if you don't hear from me, have a great day!

Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Nope, It's Not Raining. That is Pee on Your Leg!

One holiday weekend down and only one more to go!

I survived my boy's family with no major problems and and actually had a couple of real conversations this visit. I'm still not comfortable around them but my idiot meter only went off a couple of times for some speaking before filtering that I engaged in. Sometimes I wish I weren't quite so sarcastic a person because not everyone gets the things I say but I guess this is who I am, love me or leave me.

My animals were seriously ticked by the time we got home. The cats are still ignoring me and my dog decided to pee on me for a wake up call this morning. Nothing like waking up to your brand new comforter and sheets soaking wet, not to mention yourself. I seriously thought about killing him with my bare hands but threw him outside and took a shower instead. I had to take my new dry clean only comforter in to be cleaned, which is costing a fortune. I'll get it back tomorrow. The little bastard. I'm still, excuse the pun, really pissed!!

Anyway, I'm off to bed now. Hope your holiday was a good one.

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas

Just got back from the last minute holiday rush shopping and I'm FINALLY done! Woo hoo!!!

My boy and I are leaving tomorrow for our annual Texas triangle journey. We head to Houston in the morning to his mother's and Austin tomorrow night for Christmas day with his dad. We ususally come back Christmas day but my boy wants to stay until Monday which is stressing me out big time. His family is so proper and I am so not. Nobody smokes and the conversation is like pulling teeth. I don't know what it is but I just can't be myself around his family. It is like I have entered some bizarro world where Angela can't come out to play. In my head, I'm sitting in a corner rocking and singing to myself. I will be counting the minutes until we can leave.

Don't get me wrong, his family is very nice. I don't know what it is but you would think after three years together I could carry on a conversation that doesn't include the weather but I can't. So, it's gonna be a looooooong weekend.

I hope you all have safe and fantastic times with your families. I'll post again next week.

Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Why Murder Should Be Legal

I don't know why murdering people is considered a crime when, OBVIOUSLY, there are some situations that warrant it!

1. If my mother calls me one more time to remind me that our family celebration is at 7:00 p.m. and not to be late, I will strangle her! I don't know what is up with this woman. I have my own home, I have a steady job, and I have an adult relationship but apparently she thinks that the concept of an arrival time is beyond my capabilities. One more call is all it will take for me to blow up one of her pictures and make my own personal dart board. Just one more time, woman!!!

2. One of my clients informed me that instead of the 15 creative pieces I should be expecting, I will actually be receiving 67 of them. I must have missed the memo granting me super powers and my own cape because there is no way that I can process 67 pieces of artwork before I go on vacation Friday. I will be working until midnight for the next two days to get this done.

3. What the heck happened? Two weeks ago, I paid $1.97 a gallon for gas and now it's back up to $2.17. I really hope that all the EXXON executives and their families, including second cousins and great aunts 4 times removed, enjoy their tropical Christmas vacations that I have paid for this year. Give me a break!!

4. Tech Boy - Yes, it was him at the mall and why oh why did I even ask? I blame you for this, Jamie!! It appears that the cheater has realized that financially she can't make it on her own and wants to get back together. (Of course, she does. Nobody likes to be broke!) Will that relationship ever work again after the piercings, tatoo, hair color changes, and CHEATING? I give it until a month after the holiday and he'll be crying again.

5. I love my boy but if I have to pick up his socks one more time, I will cut his feet off at the ankles so it won't be a problem anymore.

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, December 18, 2005


You know that I went out of town last weekend but you don't know why. I didn't want to say anything so it wouldn't get jinxed. My boy and I took my youngest brother down to Waco for his interview to receive the Congressional appointment for Annapolis.

HE GOT IT!!!!!!!

This doesn't mean that he's a shoe in but it makes him a really. really, really good contender. The kid has already passed his physical and taken his SATs. He is in the top 3% of the nation in math and the top 5% in English. All he has to do is submit his last semester grades and his application is complete.

We are thrilled beyond belief! My brother is the most amazing kid. He's more like a son to me than a brother because of the difference in ages and the fact that I practically raised him for his first three years, midnight feedings and all. He has wanted to go to this school for years and has already been to 6 recruiting events and a summer session this past summer. One of only 600 kids.

I was so proud of him last weekend. He's seriously book smart but a little on the shy side. When Congressman Edwards came in, my little bro walked right up to him and introduced himself with no help from his big sis. He had a panel interview with an admiral, a general, some city council members, and some other bigwigs. He said that my constant drilling before the interview (HR background) helped him overcome his nerves and the fact that I told him I was so proud of him and that he shouldn't let anyone intimidate him or make him feel small, really relaxed him when he walked in and everyone just sat there staring. That made me feel really good!

I am so proud of this kid. He's got such a bright future ahead and I feel like I'm just ready to burst knowing that he will be going to the kind of school that my family could never hope to afford to send him to. This kid has the whole world wide open in front of him and I just know he's going to take it by storm!!

Happy Sunday!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Give The Gifts That Will Really Tick Them Off and a Tech Boy Sighting

I had the most fun tonight. One of my oldest friends and fellow blogger, Jamie, and I rediscovered a Christmas shopping tradition of ours from years past. We used to shop for our now ex-husband's presents together. Tonight, she shopped for her hubby, Mr. D., and I shopped for my boy and for family gift exchange gifts.

We got lots of great items and because I am royally irritated with my family because the butthead uncle was invited on a family outing, I ended up buying gifts that all had to do with drinking or gambling. I was unaware I was doing this until the 3rd or 4th gift. This is seriously going to tick off my two aunts that apparently think I should forgive uncle asswipe. Not a chance!!

I bought a Texas Hold Em poker keychain, Jack Daniels pjs, a shot dartboard drinking game, and The Brewmaster which ranks beers. I need one more gift but I am limited to $10.00. I wonder if I can get a butt plug for that much to really rile them up.

As we were leaving, I believe that I spotted Tech Boy buying a calendar. Jamie wanted me to talk to him so she could meet him but I cut across the food court and hid behing some potted plants, staring at the side of his face to determine if it was really him while she sauntered around to get a look at his face. She really admired his large diamonique ear ring. Quite lovely, I'm sure, but I didn't get close enough to really see it. I can't imagine what a picture we were while spying on this helpless man.

Now, I have to ask him tomorrow if he was at the mall and I dread that conversation. I have been avoiding him like the plague but James says that she misses the Tech Boy posts so I guess I'll have to take one for the team and start them up again.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Weird Habits

I've been tagged by Zombie to write about my 5 weird habits.

The 1st player of this "game" starts with the topic "5 weird habits of yourself" and people who get tagged need to write a blog entry about their 5 weird habits as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next 5 people to be tagged and list their names. (I won't tag anyone but would love to see a couple of you participate. You know who you are!)

1) Immediately after walking in the door from work, I take off my watch, put on my pjs, and put my hair in a bun. My boy HATES the bun!!

2) I am addicted to Sonic's vanilla diet cokes and will drive out of my way to get one.

3) When I am reading a book, I completely tune out the world around me. A bomb could go off next to me and I wouldn't hear it.

4) I have a stash of candles that takes up an entire shelf about 6 feet long because I am afraid I will run out.

5) I am obsessive about my checking account balancing to the penny and will spend hours tracking discrepancies down if they occur.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hello World, Here's my Girl

Sorry all. I forgot to mention that I was going out of town for the weekend and I was too tired after work yesterday to write.

Today, I flashed an elderly man and an x-ray tech. I had to go into the hospital for a couple of tests. Nothing major so no worries. My doc thought I might have an ulcer ... who me? I NEVER stress, LOL, and an ultrasound on my tummy. The ultra sound was kinda freaky because the ultrasound lady turned on the sound and said, "There's the heartbeat." What?! "Just a little ultrasound humor." It was so NOT funny. I almost had a heart attack!!

After that, I headed down the hall, carrying my clothes, and wearing that stupid hospital gown. I passed an elderly man and he looked at me kind of strange. When I walked into the X-ray room, the tech handed me another robe to put on. I looked down and there was one of my girls just hanging out for the world to see. Ahhhh crap.

Anyway, the upper GI sucked. You have to drink this chalky liquid stuff that is so gross. The table is really cool though. It goes up and down and spins you around. I told the dr. that it was better than some of the rides at Six Flags. He wouldn't spin me around again even though I asked very nicely. I would have flashed him too if I thought that would work!

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, December 08, 2005


The state of Texas shuts down when any kind of snow or sleet hits the ground and I received the benefit of that yesterday and today. I got to leave work at lunch yesterday and my street was iced over today so I am working from home. Woo Hoo!!

Last night, my boy and I ran up the street and got a couple of movies, made a pot of chilli, and my boy pulled out his three wheeler and got it started up. We played around on the ice for a while and then curled up on the couch and enjoyed a relaxing evening together. Pure bliss.

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tis the Season to Skin a Cat

There is a battle going on in my home for possession of the Christmas tree ... me vs. Sweet Monkey, Weiner, and The Dude, my cats.

The three amigos seem to think that climbing the Christmas tree and breaking all the shiny ornaments is a fun activity. I disagree, especially when it leaves my tree almost completely devoid of color and a mess of broken glass for me to clean up every day after work. I wouldn't mind the colored glass balls being broken so much but they have moved on to my crystal butterflies and that just ticks me off.

I have armed myself with a powerful weapon that is kryptonite to all cats ... the squirt gun. Every time one of the little suckers goes within 5 feet of the tree, they get pelted with an unrelenting stream of water. Unfortunately, Sweet Monkey and Weiner think it is great fun to dodge the water and go on a kamikaze race around the house. The Dude doesn't even get a little freaked and he seems impervious to my threatening actions.

I am at my wits end!!

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Bad Habit and the Aftermath

I have a really bad habit of tuning people out when I don't want to listen to them. I can run grocery lists, recite poetry, and count their pores in my head while the other person thinks I am totally engrossed in whatever asinine conversation we are supposed to be having. My boy calls me on this sometimes, usually when he's talking about projects that need to be completed around the house that I don't want to do!

Well, today my bad habit kicked me in the bootie!! My boss was yammering away in a meeting about something and asked if I would be willing to volunteer to help out. Me ... ummm sure. FYI, my boss and I used to work together at another job as co-workers so he knows me very well and was totally clued in to the fact that I wasn't listening.

Now, I am stuck serving the entire office bowls of chilli for this stupid chilli cook off that we are having. He totally bogarted my lunch break!! B*stard!! I guess I need to start listening a little better.

Happy Friday!