Life's Ups and Downs

Friday, July 14, 2006

7 Days till Paradise

Again, I apologize. I keep thinking that work will slow down and then ... WHAM ... KAPOW ... I get hit again. As of yesterday, I hadn't had a day off in 2 1/2 weeks with me working 14-16 hour days. I'm pretty sure that my mental capacity has dropped by at least 50%. I finally took today off to go shopping for my vacation and I only got about 11 phone calls from the office. "Not many," she said sarcastically. Is that spelled right? See what I mean? No brain power left.

It doesn't matter, though. Life is good. I go on my fabulous Puerto Vallarta trip NEXT SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!! We began the countdown at 108 days and we are down to a week. We are all meeting at my best friend's house and taking a shuttle to the airport together, drinking mimosas on the way. Keep in mind, the shuttle picks us up at 3 a.m. Ouch!! But that just means that I will be drinking a bloody mary on the beach by 10! I can't freaking wait!!

Check out this fabulous mind saving and murder preventing holiday destination link. This place looks amazing. When my boy and I went to Cabo last year, we stayed at the same resort there and had the best mini vacation that could be had. Everything was fantastic from the food, the people, the rooms. Can you tell that I'm just a liiiiiiittle bit excited.

I bought this really cool belt that lights up and runs any words you program into it across the belt itself. I am trying to figure out what to put on there. I'm sure something like "Uno Mas Cerveza, Por Favor" will be the winner. I can program in up to 1100 characters or something like that. Right now it says "Crazy Me Rocks!" My boy thinks I am a dork. I think I am a genius for buying this thing. I'm going to have so much fun with it.

Hope you are all doing well. Happy Friday!