Life's Ups and Downs

Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Mini ... Me?

It is getting close to the time when I will have to retire my beloved Jeep, Betsy, and get a new car. She's been a good, reliable friend but Betsy has been having some issues lately and seeing as how she is 10 years old with almost 200,000 thousand miles on her, it just doesn't seem cost effective to pour money into the old gal.

My dream car for the past 4 years has been the Cooper Mini, and really, within the last year, the Mini Convertible. I'm not sure why I love this car so much because I have never been a car person, but I salivate every time I see one of them on the road and I make my boy drive past the dealership so I can dream "shop" mine.

I've been doing some research online because I want to make sure that this is the car for me but I thought maybe some of you out there had some opinions. Do you have one or know anyone who does and what is the general concensus on the car? Does it have lots of problems, is the mileage decent, does the cuteness wear off? (That last question is totally girly, I know.) How is it for transporting pets, groceries, or just junk? (It actually appears quite roomy inside.)

I hear that the 2007 model is going to have some engine upgrades but I'm not sure that Betsy is going to last that long without an overhaul so I'm looking at the 2006 models, or possibly even a used version with low mileage.

Let me know your thoughts.

Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

So Close and Yet So Far

It's only Wednesday!! How is it possible that the week can be dragging by so darn slowly? I did not get the day off as I was hoping to on Tuesday but I did stay home and work ... ahhh, the joys of technology. I actually worked 15 hours, which is just sick when you think about it. I have decided that no matter what happens, I am NOT working this weekend. I need a freaking break!

My boy and I are meeting one of his work buddies at My Martini on Friday night. I've never been but apparently they have gazillions of different flavored martinis. I have already told my boy that I will not be driving and if he plans on drinking as many drinks as I do, we will be getting a taxi home.

No more time to write. I have to get back to work now.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Raw Fish Rocks!

The 26th is my one year blog-iversary. Thanks to my friend, Jamie, for telling me about blogging. It has been a great way to get things off my chest, rant, brag, and share life's little moments with people ... some of whom I would dearly love to meet in person!!

Tonight, I left work at 6:45, only 2 hrs. and 15 minutes after I'm supposed to begin the commute home. My boy left work about the same time so we decided to try a new local sushi place for dinner. My friend, S, called about the same time and she is a sushi freak so she joined us.

Let me just say that I love sushi. I LOVE SUSHI! I used to think that sushi sounded really disgusting, I mean seriously, who wants to eat raw fish?! If you've never had it, you should totally try it .... mmmmmm. We gorged ourselves on several different items and bonded with our bartender who began making us crazy drinks like "The Imminent Demise of Papa Smurf." It was a blue drink with a cherry all swirled in the bottom of the cup so when you finished it looked like, you guessed it, a smurf hat.

We spent way too much money, blame it on the martinis ... very dirty, but had a great time. I told my boss today that I wasn't coming in tomorrow because I had worked all weekend so I have no guilt about the fact that I may be a little tipsy and I will be sleeping late in the morning.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Pissy Mood, Pissy Me

I worked all day yesterday and have been working since noon today and I am seriously ticked off. Sadly, the long hours didn't stop as I thought they were going to. I told my boss, for those of you that don't know, he is a friend of mine, that I would rather be a cheap hooker in a third world country than have this job anymore. He has promised me some help but so far ... nothing. I am seriously thinking of putting in my notice and saying screw it. I want my life back!!

K ... enough whining. Sorry for the rant but I am at my wits end!!

My boy had to work late last night so I took a break and went out to dinner with the girls. We tried to go to 8Os, a local bar/food place, to sit outside and eat but there were no empty tables. We saw a guy sitting alone so we asked if we could sit with him. He was drunk and his friends had stood him up so he said that was fine. Not 15 minutes later, a woman (I'm thinking his girlfriend) showed up with another guy. The woman got very angry that we were sitting there (puh-leaze, we weren't groping the guy, we just wanted a place to sit) and the friend thanked us for taking their seats. Then, the waitress came over and the drunk guy told her that we had stolen his table. What?!!! He b*tched about his friends the entire time we were sitting there and was totally fine with us being there. I guess the girlfriend was seriously ticked off so he threw us under the bus. We got up, left, and found a local pizza place to go to. After that, the girls brought me home and I worked some more.

All in all, I broke Operation Bikini food choices and I worked for 15 hours yesterday. It was so not a successful day! That's all right, it's a new week and it's bound to be better.

Happy Sunday!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all my blogger friends. This may be inappropriate to some of you but, you must admit, it is pretty funny!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Operation Bikini

Yesterday, I began Operation Bikini. I got home from work late, as usual, so I only had time for a 15 minute bike ride before the sun was completely gone and I became target practice to the road rage filled drivers in my neighborhood. Today I got home from work late, as usual, and did an hour of ChicoMetrics, the most painful experience my body has had in ages. I am already feeling the soreness and have a feeling that tomorrow is going to be even worse. That's all right because I want to look fabulous on our vacation in 102 days!

My plan is to alternate days of cardio vs. toning 6 days a week with Sundays off. I have also given up fast food, which may end up killing me, and my boy went to fabulous Wally World and bought tons of fresh fruit and vegetables and an assorment of other healthy things for us to eat. So far so good.

In my own experience, it's much easier to stick with a plan A) if you have one and B) if you have a goal. Well, I have a goal. I have always said that I wanted to dance naked on a beach in Fiji but I don't think I'm getting there any time soon so Puerto Vallarta is going to have to do for now and I don't want anything jiggling while I do it!! Wish me luck!!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, April 10, 2006

A Saner Me ... Coming Soon!!

From me to you .... don't work as many hours as I have been lately. You go a little crazy. I think I have officially crossed the line into clinical insanity! With that said, I THINK this should be the last week of horribly long hours and I'll be able to do about 50 a week after this and keep my head above water. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

On a positive note, my friends and I have talked about taking a beach vacation together for the past year. Well, we booked our trip on Friday!! I am sooooooooo excited. We are going to Puerto Vallarta at the end of July for 5 days!! This is the beautiful place we are staying.

As of now the group includes, myself, my boy, and 6 of my girlfriends. People ask if my boy will be all right traveling with a pack of women and I have to laugh. What guy wouldn't want to go on a tropical vacation with 6 beautiful women and his adoring girlfriend. He's going to be the stud of the resort!!

We are definitely doing a zip line tour through the woods?, jungle?, forest? where Predator was filmed. We're all really excited about that. We have a split group for other activities. A few of us want to swim with dolphins and my boy and the other girls want to do a 4x4 trip. We'll probably split up on that day and do whichever activity sounds the most fun to each of us. The rest of the time will be spend lazing around in the sun, sipping Mai Tais on the beach, and eating. I can't wait!!!!

I hope all is well with everyone. I should be back to a more normal posting schedule very soon. I appreciate all those who have checked in and continue to check even though posting has been slow.

Happy Sunday!